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Our Story

Dr. Lei Wang is a professor at the University of South Florida. Her research focuses on the mechanisms of aging changes in the human heart, kidney and cells. She is also a passionate dog and cat owner. Three years ago, she witnessed a loyal and loving Labrador’s last 2 years of life. The dog, who belonged to one of her friends, had suffered diabetic complications for years. These were heartbreaking moments. Upon further research, she noticed that the pets in their community were facing various health challenges, ranging from joint discomfort to digestive disorder and kidney function failure, similar to what humans face in their old ages. Determined to make a difference, Dr. Wang and her research fellows decided to establish a product line called "PrestiPet", to provide pet owners with an option to smooth pets’ aging process.

The team has a strong background in the aging mechanisms in the human body. Realizing that human bodies are different from pets, creating effective and safe pet supplements would require a deep understanding of animal health. They partnered with local veterinarians and animal researchers and nutritionists around the nation. This expanded team had a goal of developing a range of supplements that would not only address common pet health concerns, but also enhance the overall well-being of furry companions.

Armed with a deep understanding of the aging mechanisms and pet life cycle, the team began crafting their pet supplements. They combined the latest scientific findings and proven ingredients to create unique formulas. These formulas aimed not only to address specific health needs, but also to ensure that pets eagerly consumed them, thanks to their enticing flavors. 

The team conducted rigorous trials to ensure their products were safe and effective. There were moments of doubt, but the team’s determination and love for animals fueled their perseverance. Formulas had been updated dozens of times in response to lab results. Their dedication paid off as they saw the positive transformations in the pets that had tried their supplements.

But PrestiPet’s journey didn't end there. The team’s commitment to pets and their well-being extended beyond their products. They organized educational workshops, partnered with shelters, and supported animal rescue initiatives. They took advantage of modern technologies and social network platforms. Their message of holistic pet care resonated with pet owners worldwide, creating a community united by love for their furry friends.

PrestiPet continued to innovate, always staying true to their mission. From humble beginnings to a global force for pet wellness, PrestiPet's journey reminds us that even the smallest actions can lead to the biggest impacts. As the company continues to evolve, one truth remains: a happier, healthier life for our four-legged friends begins with PrestiPet.